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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 8, 2014 8:30am-9:31am EST

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his replacement for attorney general. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goss. >> welcome to news 4 today on this saturday, november 8th. a cold start this morning. you won't need the umbrella. we have chuck bell with more on this try and chilly day. >> good morning, angie and david. good morning, everybody. your weekend is off to a chilly start. the sun has been up now for almost two hours. and it's doing its thing. still a few places at or just below the freezing mark. the 32 in manassas. your outthe door weather, 30s and 40s for now to near 50 degrees by lunchtime. afternoon temperatures today, low to mid 50s. no chance for rain. you'll be able to enjoy the weekend rain free. virginia on the road at laura state tonight.
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it's a k6 30 kickoff. cloudy skies, fortunately no rain for the cav leaves on the road. the noon kickoff, game time temperatures out in louisiana will be in the 40s and blustery there. more about our weekend and tomorrow coming up in a few memberships. >> chuck, thanks. breaking news in carol county right now to tell you about. 11 homes in the 200 block of sullivan avenue and westminster were involved in this explosion we've been following. we're told all of those homes, nearly a dozen, have various degrees of damage. the state fire marshal says the initial explosion happened in a storage building behind one of the houses. this happened around 5:50 this morning. one man was air listed to the hospital. as of right now, no word on how many other people were hurt. wrn pg&e crews along the scene right now. new this morning, we've learned at least one person has died in a two-car crash. it happened just after 1:00 this
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morning. two other people were hurt in that crash. the cause of this collision, still under investigation. a season that can bring out the best and the really, really bad. this is prime time for thieves to steal holiday packages from your doorstep. chris lawrence talked to one couple who saw it first happened. >> he was watching tv and he heard the u.p.s. man drop packages outside. >> within two minutes, i'm hearing foot steps again on the porch. >> he opened the door and saw one man handing his packages to another and take off dow >> any chance this is a crime of opportunity, a guy happens to be walking by, sees the package and randomly takes it? >> no, no, no. these guys were -- they were watching the u.p.s. delivery guys. >> another big clue? these guys had a getaway engine running right here in the corner, ready to go. >> they opened the door, threw
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the boxes in the back seat and they jumped in the vehicle and sped off. >> so how to protect your packages? a motion activated porch camera cost$100. or if your job allows it, send packages to your work address. send signature confirmation orders on packages you deliver yourself. >> he wishes the deliveryman would have rang the doorbell. >> give us a chance to answer the door because he was only a few week away. >> police say they're stalking the deliveryman. with holidays upon us, these thieves may just be getting started. chris lawrence, news 4. only this morning, a fourth student from a school shooting inside a washington state high school has died. 15-year-old andrew fryberg passed away last night. he had been in icu in critical condition since the shooting on october 24th. his death brings the toll in the
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maryville shooting to five. andrew's cousin was the shooter. d.c. police say they have found the man responsible for murdering two parents while their young children were at home. 22-year-old tyron marswini was arrested and charged with first degree murder. he's accused of killing the couple back in their home in january. the couple's 1 and 2-year-old children were home at the time and not hurt. >> fbi special agent matthew lowery was involved in their cases. we told you ear this week that lowery is linked to ten other cases that were also thrown out. he's accused of trying to sell and use drugs that were seized at evidence in those cases. all of the clear defendants could still face retrial.
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happening today, president obama is expected to nominate u.s. attorney loretta lynch for attorney general. the announcement will happen just after 11:00 this morning in the roosevelt room at the white house. lynch is a long time new york federal prosecutor and a harvard graduate. if confirmed by the senate, she will be the first avenue can american woman to hold the post. she will succeed eric holder. he announced that he will leave office once the successor is confirmed. >> following that announcement, the president will head overseas for several meetings. he will stop in china. later in the week, he will head to australia for a meeting with the world's top 20 economies. >> and over to decision 2014 now. virginia senator mark warner getting to hold on to that title for at least another six years. yesterday, three days after the election, republican ed gillespie conceded the race. gillespie's loss, far closer than any poll predicted.
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less than one person point separated him from the democratic incumbent. but despite the close kal, gillespie says he knows the race is over. >> and if i believe there were any conceivable way that we could find a viable path to win through a recount, i would fight as hard now as i have for the past months of this campaign. >> gillespie went on to tell supporters, he thought it would be. mark spoke highly saying we wish him and his family well. news 4 fills you in on a few things that keep you from making frivolous mistakes with your credit card.
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one local elementary school's alternative to traditional home. plus, getting ready for college. where parents can go today for free help to prepare your students for ♪
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today, you can learn more about going college. the county is holding its ninth annu annual. representatives from more than 100 colleges and universities will be there. it runs from 10:00 until 1:00 this afternoon. it's one of the most debated issues on how your child is educated. homework or no homework. wherever you fall on the issue, most kids have to do at least some of it, right? at least one school in montgomery county, no homework
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has been the rooil rule for years. aaron gillcrest has more on the great homework debate. >> anywhere you look inside gathersberg elementary school, you'll probably find kids curled up with a good book. every class has time set aside for reading. fourth grader elizabeth reevis just read a book called back in time. >> she made her brother come. >> like her schoolmates, she read the book at home. no worksheets or diagrams for these students after school. homework went away three years ago. >> we saw a disconnect between what we were having them do here during the day and what we were sending home. we were sending home a lot of repetition for them. >> grant and her team spent a year doing research and talking to parents and decide on a different way to create critical thinkers. >> what we found was that, you know, there's a lot of reading that my community is very open to reading at home. >> now when students leave
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school, they're expected to read for at least 30 minutes every day, anything they want. >> like the old paper homework and stuff, you finished the math equations and you were done. but now you can read book after book and you'll just go on a journey as long as you want. >> every chapter book. >> ricardo didn't mind the homework of his younger days, but he believes the emphasis of reading will have a greater impact on his overall education. >> better for myself to do something that would take me somewhere far in life. >> and with all the reading these kids are doing right now, when they get to middle school, they likely will have to do more traditional homework. >> some of our older students are blogging about the books they're reading and they're making recommendations online for each other. i think thal translate in middle
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school, for sure. >> d.c. is one of the hottest renter markets in the country. and you're paying for it. what a new study says about how much you spend on rent and what's keeping people from buying. and good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. the sun is out now. can we get to keep sunshine out all week long? after a big time freeze therl morning, all the details of your weekend forecast is just ahead
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you might be wondering why your rent is so high in our region. it seems d.c. is among the highest rental markets in the country. the online real estate sight trulia came out with a report. it shows renters are paying more than half their average salaries. san diego, boston, baltimore, chicago also on this list. the report shows rent in home prices outpaced income growth. and that's making it tougher for renters to save for a down payment on a house. >> we're already talking about holiday shopping. when it comes to that, you may be tempted to sign up for another credit card. major credit card companies offer zero rewards. before you add another card to your wallet, erica gonzalez is looking out for you. >> i'm looking forward to doing some holiday shopping. >> it's that time of year.
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and it often amounts to heavy spending unless you have a plan. >> usually i set like a per person limit. >> but there's nothing easier than reaching for the plastic and this time of year credit card companies like to solicit consumers. >> you might get a zero percent offer in the mail to transfer a balance or get a new card, but the most important thing to know is when is that rate up? >> you don't want to be quiet going up to 20%. >> and look out for credit cards. credit cards can be tempting, but they aren't really free. >> physic >> typically, any reward is going to be about 1% of what you spent. to get $100 in reward, you're going to get to spend $10,000. >> what about credit limits? just because you can spend more with credit doesn't mean it's a
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good idea. don't spend more than 30% of your overall available credit. maxing out your cards could negatively affect your credit score. >> when you start racking up more ow your debt to credit, that debt ratio is really important for your credit score because it says, okay, this person is spending all the way up to your limit. they may not be able to pay it back. >> when it comes to paying your bill, consider paying more than the minimum payment. if you have a balance with an apr 14% and you only pay the minimum of $100, it's going the to take you 22 years to pay that off. plus you'll end up paying more than $6 thougs in interest alone. and whatever you do, don't put off paying your bills. >> it's the absolute worst thing you can do for your credit, for your scores, in general for your financial well being is paying your credit card escalator not paying them at all. you just want to have an easy
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january, not have that new year's regret. >> erica lomphallis, news 4. >> this story, that is just the start. as we approach the holiday shopping season, consumer reporter erica gonzalez is looking out for you. she's going to be doing stories all week long that keep you safe and secure. well, if you are looking to do some saturday shopping, you may want to check out alexandria. the city was just selected as a top shop small city as part of a nonprofit campaign. alexandria was chosen because most of the city's retailers are independently or regionally owned. shoppers can take advantage of special promotions, free gifts, small saturday which happens november 29th. to find out how to get freebies, visit our home page and search shop small. alexandria is so small and quaint. the eating is really good out here, as well. >> probably going to need a
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jacket. >> oh, yeah. >> you're going to take a water taxi from georgetown on down there today, you better be bundled up. a lot of neighborhoods dropped well below the freezing mark early this morning. for some places, even, the first breeze of the season. outside, this is the way it looks from our city camera, though. a bright blue sky is overhead. and as i mentioned, though, a freezing cold start. in fact, dulles international airport dropped to 26 degrees this morning out in dulles. sterling, chantilly. temperatures there, mid 20s this morning. it's the first freeze at dulles airport since april 21st when we got down to 31 degrees. a little over six months, but now the freezes are here, the growing season, that's it. is so what did you expect this weekend? plenty of sunshine out there this morning. temperatures both today and tomorrow, cooler than average. mid 50s or mid to upper 50s both days. not a bad day at all. you will definitely need your coat, maybe even a little hat on
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your way out the door. plenty of sunshine. keep the sunglasses handy, as well. for now, though, that's the view over shington. 40 degrees at national airport. light wind from the south at 3 miles per hour. hourly temperatures here the next couple of hours, up to about 50 degrees by noon and most of the afternoon, temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s. chilly, but on the sunny side for sure. 53 at 1:00. 56 by 3:00. that's our high in washington today. back down to 52 by 5:00. sun is down at 5:00 this afternoon. 4:59 is sunset tomorrow. oh, feels like winter already. focus on fall. college football frarcht, special request, air force on the root at unlv in las vegas. it's a 4:00 kickoff. that's the game to go to. temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80s. sunshine out in the desert. and another one out in the desert tonight, colorado and arizona from tucson. it's the 100ic kickoff.
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game time temperatures also up near 80 degrees. so good weather for football. today, back here in the east, it will be chilly. clouds will start to increase this afternoon. skies will be mostly cloudy tonight. that will hold temperatures up just a bit. so another cold start this morning, but nowhere near as cold as we were this morning. temperatures tomorrow, generally upper 30s and low 40s. so it has been chilly start for sure. again, 10 degrees milder this morning. we'll start off with some clouds first thing in the morning, but gradually those clouds will move on out of here and we'll be left with plenty of sunshine for your sunday afternoon. highs tomorrow, nothing wrong with that. temperatures mostly in the low to mid 50s. here you go with your seven-day forecast. cool for your weekend, but sunny and dry both days with temperatures in the 50s. monday and then tuesday veterans day. much warmer temperatures in the upper 60s. and then getting much, much, much, much, much, much colder late next week into next weekend. cold tonight and east lan sing.
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ohio state and michigan state, temperatures in the 30s up in east lansing. >> i don't know which team that favors. >> they're both cold schools. a absolute for our veterans. >> preparations are under way right now for a mega concert celebration. tuesday on the national mall. the restrictions that you need to know about if you plan
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. good saturday morning, everyone. d.c. united with an uphill climb later today against the new york red bulls. united dropped the third game and now need to win by three goals in order to advance. for fans in the d.c. area, seeing the teams fb atop of their conference, but on the brink of an early playoff, exit has become par for the course. some people call it the d.c. curse. ben olson doesn't believe that at all. >> i've seen a lot of championship necessary this area. we've got plenty of rings and plenty of sometimes that we've had success. so there's no curse around here in this building. so we'll focus on this weekend and trying to get past this next round. again, it's doable. >> gap back home against the hurricanes. the nationals went to the windy
8:56 am
city and snapped a five-game losing skid. don't forget, maryland finish is on a bye week today. that was a look at your morning sports. home your saturday is a good one. >> and in the week ahead, we could see one of the largest crowds on the national mall in years. >> that's right. crews are already hard at work setting up for the concert for val lore. they began putting together the stage just blocks from the capital. nearly a dozen musical acts, including bruce springsteen carrie underwood and rihanna are set to perform. metro, this is important. it's going to suspend blue line service that day. some streets will be closed. go to nbc and you can see a news 4 special today. it's called saluting our
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veterans,lty 10:00 this morning. right here on nbc 4. chris lawrence is going to introduce you to veterans in our region. show you how folks in our area are giving troops the support they need. aefs loyal friend, he was the kind of guy that made people around him better. last week, dominic petty was killed in a car accident. this morning, friends and family come to the basilica
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as we approach 9:00, let's take a look at this morning's top stories. 11 homes in westminster have been damaged in an explosion. the state fire marshal says the initial explosion happened in a storage building behind one of the houses at 550 this morning. a 56-year-old man was air lifted to the hospital. a fourth student from a school shooting in front of washington state high school has died. 15-year-old andrew fryberg died last night. his death brings the shooting deaths to a total of five. his cousin was the shooter. today, president obama is expected to announce loretta lynch as nominee for attorney general. if confirmed by the senate, she will be the first avenue can american woman to hold the post. is she will succeed eric holder. >> time now for a check on your forecast. we've noticed the sun is already
9:01 am
out. but i guess the big question is, how much is it going help? >> we had our coats on coming in. let's check with meteorologist chuck bell. i think he's out right now -- >> where is your coat? >> this is a coat. it's a suit coat. i did not need my topcoat early this morning. it depends on how cold sensitive you are. now that the sun is up, it's going to be a slight to medium weight jacket on the outside. there is me way over here on the other side. can you see me waving on the screen? anyway, that's me out outside on the front lawn of channel 4 where it's a nice morning. temperatures now 41 here at the station, but 44 downtown. 37 in dulles. 32 manassas. hour by hour through the day today, sunny and cold. first thing out the door the next couple of hours. clouds will be on the increase later on today, but it will want rain. so your saturday night out on the town, it will be chilly with evening temperatures in the 40s. college football watching today. the mountaineers on the road in
9:02 am
texas taking on the longhorn. a 3:30 kickoff, temperatures down in austin. 70s in kickoff, 60s by the end of the game. and another big 12 showdown in texas today. the two teams that have beaten my beloved sooners. i don't know who i hate more, caps cans state or tcu. game time temperatures in the 50s in ft. worth. we'll talk more about your weekend, the cooldown that's coming our way soon, next. >> chuck, thank you. in about 30 minutes, family and friends will say good-bye to a classmate killed in a crash on the beltway. >> 17-year-old dominic petty was a senior in the district. his funeral will happen at the basilica in northeast d.c. news 4's zachary quiche is live there this morning. zach, i know the go zag ga community is a tight one. i imagine a lot of folks will be showing up there today. >> we're seeing folks come in right now. this is an awful, awful story.
9:03 am
17-year-old dominic petty was the leader. he was the kind of guy that made people around him better. he was the kind of guy that did things the right way. last week, he had to earn the trust of his parents to go out and have a good time with his buddies. the car they were riding in ran out of gas when a vehicle plowed into the back killing the young man affectionately known as dom. on the campus of gone squzaga h school, they said he was a great guy. he was a guy you just wanted to be around. he excelled in school, he excelled on the hockey rink. the funeral will be held today. we're having a prayer service at about 9:30. but, again, a very, very sad story. a young man with a lot of potential would certainly passed before his time. zachary keith, news 4. a montgomery county
9:04 am
principal apologizing for how she handled the report of a substitute teacher inappropriately touch ago student. the incident happened back in september at roberto clemente school. the school principal apologized to parents in a letter for not notifying them earlier. police arrested that substitute teacher. he is charged with sex abuse of a minor. we caught up with him at his home. >> are you mr. peneda? >> we're from nbc 4, mr. peneda. we heard about your arrest. do you have any comment on that? >> no, no. none. >> well, he didn't much in to say this, but a spokesperson for the school system tells news 4 we should have informed the community earlier about this arrest, but we made a mistake and did not. >> this morning, two 17-year-old football players at broward high school are facing charges. two seniors on the team are
9:05 am
charged with assault on the juvenile court for an incident involving the younger players. gigi morris is a varsity cheerleader. she says she thinks the charges are appropriate. >> i just think that the football players did something terrible, you know? i don't -- i think they deserve the charges that they got and i'm glad it's over. our football team did not need that kind of attention. >> the sheriff investigated allegations of two assaults two separate times, but investigators say there was only enough evidence in one case. the sheriff says this was not a hazing case. a prince georges county man will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend. a judge sentenced andrew kugler to life plus ten years for the murder of amber chinott. investigators say kugler was depressed about their break-up and snuck into her home and slashed her throat. kugler claims he does not know
9:06 am
what happened that day and denies the charges. we're learning more this morning about how police are connecting the suspect in the kidnapping of hannah graham to a rape he's accused of committing. from underneath the victim's fingernails to try and connect it back to jessie matthews. attempted murder and rape in fairfax. we pulled the for enixs from the department of forensics yesterday. it suggests that the dna is most likely matthews. matthew, meantime, he's currently behind bars. he's charged with hannah graham's abduction. a career bank robber back in jail after robberies that spanned several states, including virginia. u.s. marshals say wayne bird had just been released after a 20-year sentence. now he's the prime suspect in several different robberies that all happened this week. investigators say bird managed to travel about 850 miles and hit banks in sta ford and
9:07 am
counties in virginia. he hit banks in core dell and a ashburn, georgia. authorities tracked them down yesterday. and an inmate is back in custody after escaping that ward. police tracked him down nearly 40 miles away. kenneth clayton escaped on monday. police arrested him in manassas in virginia. ee back innees for arraignment. president obama is ordering more american soldiers to iraq. the president says the 1500 additional troops will not be in combat roles. they are going to advise and train iraqi forces to fight against isis terrorists. many of the u.s. force will be going to anbar province where more than 1300 americans were killed during the iraq war. anbar is now under isis control. > the president is asking congress for more than $500 billion to
9:08 am
fight isis. before you hit the road this weekend, ask yourself this question. is your child's booster seats one of the best betts for
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welcome back. right now, most states require booster seats for kids who are too old for baby seats and too young for seat belts, alone. >> and as you know, there are so many on the market, not all of them equal. there are new ratings to help you out. >> the booster seat is for that awkward inbetween stage. but not quite big enough to where adult sized seat belts. >> how come you think they ip vented booster seats? >> so they would be higher. >> just look at the difference between an unrestrained child
9:11 am
dummy and one sitting in a booter seat. kids in boosters are 45% less likely to be injured than kids wearing an adult seat belt alone. and new tests found a lot of options for parents. among 41 new models, 27 got the top rating. and the best news, kwov to spend a fortune. >> you slightly can't tell by price or the looks whether you're getting a safety booster. we have boosters that range from $25 up to a few hundred dollars. >> these two because seat belts might ride up on the child's face. though the batman seat looks cool -- and the problem is it puts the lap belt out too far out on the thighs. >> the government recommends boosters from 4 to 8, they weigh at least 40 pounds and will 4'9" tall. >> i get the feeling you'll be happy when you don't have to be in a booster seat any more.
9:12 am
>> well, that's present pretty obvious. >> like it or not, the booster seat is an essential right of passage. kate snow, nbc news, new york. >> i don't see it as dysfunctional. i just think of it as an alternate mind-set. >> jerry seinfeld revealing his personal connection to autism. what he's saying that is getting a lot of attention. chuck. and your weekend is off to a kool cold start. it doesn't have to stay that way ♪
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sunny man jerry seinfeld taking a serious moment to discuss autism. in an interview, seinfeld says he's on the autism spectrum pep says he has an alternative mind-set about social interactions. it was during a broadway play when seinfeld said he realized he may be on the spectrum. his main character role was autistic and he identified with many tendencies. >> i'm very literal. when people talk to me and they use expressions, sometimes i don't know what they're saying. every other social interaction i have is somewhat of a managed. >> seinfeld identifies himself as being on the spectrum.
9:16 am
>> well, in news 4 your health this morning, we want to tell you about a major morning for you or anyone you know who has had a hip replacement surgery. >> that's right. doctors say they're seeing hundreds of cases of poison iin >> it feels like somebody taking a sledgehammer at you. >> doctors told 40-year-old fred reeko gray a replacement would deal with his hip. >> after nearly 30 trips to the of his pain was actually cobalt poisoning, the results of metal ions leaching into his body from the implants in his hips. >> i wouldn't wish for anybody
9:17 am
to go through what i've been through. >> like gray, about a million people worldwide have implants made out of metal. typically a combination of cobalt, chromium and titanium. doctors say it's rare, but in some people, the implants ball and socket starts to wear. that causes small amounts of metal to enter the body and can eventually become toxic. >> in some cases, the metal is released slowly and can cause systemic problems, such as heart failure or thyroid disease, rashes oregon problems. >> the associate medical director at med star national rehabilitation hospital says it's unclear how many people will get metal poisoning. there have been hundreds of cases documented and there's probably many more that go undiagnosed. in most cases, patients can tell there's something wrong. they'll experience new or worsening pain in the hips or clicking in the joints. but now doctors are seeing some cases where people don't have any of those symptoms.
9:18 am
instead, they're developing unexplained heart disease. >> people have been life threatening heart failure from elevated cobalt levels. >> did good news here is once the implant is removed, any issues will typically reverse. that is what red reeko is hoping. doctors have implanted a newer, plastic version instead. >> i just want to let people know what i've been through and because i had another surgery, it actually saved me. >> dorene gensler. >> there's not enough evidence to support routine evidence for metal testing. but if people are having symptoms, they should contact doctors right away. take a look at that. wow, a stranded arizona hiker in the process of being rescued. the basket started spinning out of control. 18-year-old alex campbell inside
9:19 am
of that basket and with a broken leg. she and her friend got stranded on a mountain top in phoenix. wind created by chopper's rotors during that rescue has caused all that spinning. the fire department says she was never in any danger and was eventually safely loaded into the chopper. >> so first she's stranded on a mountain and then in the rescue -- >> breaks her leg. >> i'm not in any danger. >> yeah, i'm sure at the time it was very scary moments for her. hey, let's talk about the wind because it was pretty bad this week at sometimes. but -- >> it was crazy. >> it was crazy. but it looks like, you know, with theelp of clouds and the wind, things might be better temperaturewise. >> high pressure has moved on in. that's taken most of the ugliness out of the wind. still a breeze out there, but nothing compared to the ferocious wind yesterday afternoon. we'll have light winds throughout yao the court of your weekend. breezy at relatively good pipeline weather today and tomorrow.
9:20 am
south winds today, northwest wind on your sunday. that's the way it looks outside this morning. a little bit of fall color still visible here in the urban landscape. it's 44 degrees now at national airport. south wind at 5 miles per hour. that ought to help the air just a bit. beautiful leaseberg, virginia, out the door. 40 degrees right now. 54 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. increasing clouds late this afternoon and into this evening. temperatures increasing in the low to mid 40s. on the whole, the weather impact on your weekend will be nice and low. breezy at times and cooler than average, but nothing that we can't handle. going out on the town saturday night, 7:00, 9:00, 1 1:00 tonight, temperatures back down. in town temperatures upper 70s and mid 40s by 11:00 tonight. the weather starts to go out and sunshine and chilly today. we'll start picking up clouds by 2:00 this afternoon. clouds will go mostly cloudy by overnight tonight. those clouds will help inhibit
9:21 am
the cooldown. it should not be as cold tomorrow morning as it was this morning. today, watching college football, uva fans, there is a big one for you guys. virginia, 6:30 kickoff tonight. clouds, but no rain down there in tallahassee. another big one tonight, notre dame, arizona state, two top ten programs here. game time temperatures in the 80s. that ought to favor the home team, i suspect. cool today with a light breeze. in the mid 50s, milder, a bit breezy at times. clouds early tomorrow morning give way to sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. highs tomorrow, mid to upper 50s. so a nice day to be outside. here is your seven-day forecast right now. 60s on monday and tuesday. tuesday is veterans day and that's going to be the nicest day of the whole week. and then a big jump of cold air
9:22 am
comes our way last week. william and mary taking on elon today. temperatures in the low the mid 50s. but no weather-related problems there. carolina is in the clubhouse and safe today, my beloved sooners taking on baylor. this is going to be a tough one in norman today. i'm n
9:23 am
9:24 am
on this story, foishlt are
9:25 am
working on a multi million dollar proposal to build a new training facility for the wizards. >> one possible location is in the northwest of d.c. there's competition coming from virginia. >> according to multiple sources, the district's plan is to build the 5,000 seat venue near the shaw-howard metro station on land owned by the district that is now used by parkes and recreation. the preliminary proposal is for the district to borrow between $30 million and $40 million to build the facility which would be paid back through a tax on tickets and concessions at wid ards games. sources say the team wants to get the deal done as quickly as possible so they can use the facility as an incentive to give big name players like kevin duran to sign with them. not all fans want to see ticket prices go up. >> i don't think that's a good idea at all. >> even if it meant bringing kevin durant to the team? >> if you're going to bring
9:26 am
durant to the team, yes, that would do it. for kevin durant, i would bring him to the fans. >> some are questioning using district owned land for the deal. >> the thought that the city would give autopsy piece of land in the center of the city that could be used for lof oth purposes, certainly something th we should look at carefully before simply handing it over. >> marian bowser wants to know more before she signs off on anything. >> i want to see the details. the wizards have been great for us in downtown, in china town, and it is always good to have facilities that can attract sports and fans and tax dollars. but we need to know what the taxpayers are expected to put on the table, as well. >> mark seagraves, news 4. >> so whenever the new facility, wherever it may be located with, the plan is to have it make money. the washington mystics might play their home games there. it would also have storage and possibly a restaurant attached to that facility, as well.
9:27 am
>> let's talk weather. for now, chilly weekend, but dry. get the car washed, rake the leaves, do everything you need to do. big super typhoon nuri is going to head to alaska. guess where it's coming, everything? right here for next weekend. so late next week into next weekend will be much, much cooler and we want to remind you at 10:00, we are saluting our veterans to our special nbc report. >> chris lawrence will be hosting that. that does it here for us on news 4 today. thanks for joining us. >> hope you'll wake up w
9:28 am
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the skins can't complete the come back for robert griffin the iii's return. we look at the top five plays from the first half of the season and we check in with the team before the bye week. today on nbc 4, it's inside the redskins presented by easterns. hi everybody, and welcome


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